01 May 2008

An Open Letter To Johnny Vegas

Yeah, I have never heard of him either. But this story caught my eye, and I became outraged. So outraged, in fact, that I decided to write him a letter and tell him that I think he's a disgusting human being. What drives me to have such an extreme hatred of some second rate British comedian of whom I have never heard, you might ask. Apparently "Vegas" sexually assaulted a nineteen-year-old woman on stag- and called it a joke. Here's a link to the Guardian post where it was first reported (Wikipedia credits it as such, for what that's worth).

Anyways, back to this letter: Five minutes of google and MySpace searching yielded no address or website to which I could send Johnny Vegas my thoughts about his little joke. Not wanting to waste any more time on it, I decided that posting it here would suffice. Here goes:

Mr. Vegas;

Today, I read about your recent comedy act, where you had six audience members carry a young woman (barely legal, at eighteen or nineteen) on to the stage, where you fondled her breasts, pulled up her skirt, and fingered her through her underwear. Mr. Vegas, you are a rapist and it is a travesty on part of the British legal system that you are not being prosecuted. I am disturbed beyond words that anyone would consider the public sexual assault of a young woman to be comedic. You should be black-balled for life- for the good of the public (actually, you should spend some time in jail). I think you are scum.


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Mick said...

No assault took place. Mary O'Hara's Guardian article has been comprehensively discredited by numerous eyewitnesses.

The victim here is Vegas who's reputation has been shredded by the offending article and the chinese whispers of the very many blogs which quoted it. "Mr. Vegas, you are a rapist" for example.

The article is now the subject of a 'legal complaint', presumably by Vegas and it and the accompanying blog have been removed from the Guardian website.