14 May 2008

Damn You, Bill O'Reilly (or: Election Musings- West Virginia Edition)

I haven't written anything about the election for a while- and by election I do of course mean the democratic primary. In short, I'm getting kind of sick of it. You probably are too. Admit it. And the worst thing is we all have six more months of the longest presidential election in American history before the fate of our nation is decided. Now don't get me wrong; I am not trying to negate the importance of this contest. I am just 1) getting impatient waiting for this ass hat to leave, and 2) kind of bored. Not much new is being said (with this notable exception)- I feel like we are in a stale mate. And the longer it continues, the more we lose focus on what should be everyone's main goal- beating McCain. But enough of this self-indulgent rant.

Hillary won West Virginia, meaning we have who knows how much longer of this bickering, which is only weakening the party. Total bummer, in other words. This swing-state, electoral college crap seems so nonsensical at times. Why can't we just rely on the popular vote? And that ends my two cents on the latest in primary happenings.

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Lauren said...

You may also find Colbert's thoughts on O'Reilly amusing as well.