14 May 2008

At Least They're Not Trying To Ban Harry Potter

This is a great news piece. Apparently a high school in Texas wants to ban a German text book because there are some naked ladies in the background of one photo. Heaven forbid we teach our kids about other cultures that don't have an eerily repressive view of sexuality!

There was so much uproar from parents who are upset that their kids saw a tiny image of... what? a nipple? maybe the mons pubis? that the school board is considering banning the book. If they decide to keep the German texts in circulation, they plan on covering the offending photos with stickers in order to censor the naughty bits. Seriously.

There are so many problems with this bizarre little piece, I don't even know where to begin! A few thoughts:

1. If any of these Texan high school students haven't seen a picture of a naked woman (at least in pictures), we should be worried. The human body is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about- especially naked women.
2. What kind of message is this sending to female students? That their bodies are dirty and should be hidden. There's a healthy message for today's young women!
3. Do parents and school officials really believe that this tiny little text book photo is going to inspire their teens to go out and have lots of unprotected sex? I think the repercussions of censoring this image are far less healthy than allowing teen-aged people to see some side boob.
4. When a class of German students discovered the image in class, they began giggling uncomfortably. Methinks the school board should be worrying more about health class (read: comprehensive sex education) and less about German class.

Geez, only in Texas, right? This story brings to mind an absolutely classic David Cross bit (the only bald man I'll ever love) about former attorney general John Ashcroft. When Ashcroft was in the justice department, he insisted on covering up the supple, stone breasts of a naked Lady Justice. "Dirty titties! You should be ashamed of those things- put cloth on them!"

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Lauren said...

We need more open-minded blue states this fall.