03 June 2008

Has It Really Been Over Two Weeks??

So, it's been a long time since I've posted anything- I really long time. But I've been bust with the relocation and all that. However, henceforth I will be making a valid effort to post more regularly.

Now I know it's all over the news and there is nothing new to say on the topic, but I cannot resist touching on today's big news. What better way to end this writing drought than by announcing that Barack Obama is now the democratic presidential nominee? I am elated. I cannot remember ever being this proud of my country (then again, I've never had a reason to be). Barack Obama, who I am proud to call my senator, is running for president of the United States. Neigh, is going to be the president of the United States. What a glorious day for Chicago!

I watched both Clinton's and Obama's post-primary speeches. Although Obama has secured enough delegates to cinch the domination, Clinton has not formally conceded, saying that she wishes to consult with advisers and party leaders. I know that everyone is up in arms about an Obama/ Clinton joint ticket, but I do not see that happening. While I do think that Clinton is remaining in the race as a negotiating tool, I for one think that she is waiting for Obama to agree to help her cover her campaign debt. Personally, I would like to see Edwards as second banana, but who nows if he will even want to step into that role again.

Golly, I'm so relieved that this lengthy contest is over! Obviously I am glad that my candidate won, but I really do think that Barack has a better chance of beating McCain. For now it is time to begin healing the party and focusing on taking back the country.

Obama 2008!

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