18 April 2008

Quickie: Ben Folds Live

Excellent! The BF and I finally broke the awful streak we'd been on for a good year, and went to a freaking concert (I actually saw Trail of Dead on the day before Thanksgiving, which fucking ruled, but we hadn't been to a show together since Do Make Say Think in spring 2007). AND possibly even more exciting is the fact that I have wanted to see Ben Folds live since, like, tenth grade. His music played a huge role in the latter half of my high school career.

Maybe the fact that I have not seen live music since November influenced my opinion, but Folds was totally worth the wait. He played with a drummer and bassist who were comparable to the Five in talent, he's experimenting with some new electronic-y noises, and his new material is quite tasty. Plus, at forty-two he's looking pretty hot. All things considered, it was over an hour and a half of rocking entertainment.

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