06 April 2008

Another Jackass Claiming to Promise Me "Straight Talk"?

I know- Ron Paul has his "Texas Straight Talk" column, and John McCain's got that creepy bus, the "Straight Talk" express (Remember kids: Never get into buses with strangers!) Both use the phrase as a kind of shallow promise, an absurd attempt at the validity of their sentiments. While Paul may actually believe what he says (which in itself isn't a very comforting thought), I think we can all agree that McCain is full of shit- and even more full of lies. But I am not here to bash McCain (well, at least that is not the only thing I'm here for).

I am an American citizen who is increasingly dissatisfied with the state of our so-called union. Although I consider my views to be moderate in nature, most would label me as a radical. I prefer to call myself a critical thinker, one who values logic and reason above all else. And it happens that thinking critically leads me to support progressive politics.

So here is my promise to you, dear reader: I won't try to persuade you to support all of my ideas. I am just an avid follower of American politics, and I call things as I see them. If you're interested in hering a new point of view, then read on. Welcome aboard!

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